Tabiat Pedestrian Bridge is located in the northern part of Tehran in a zone called Abbas Abad Lands; this is a 559Ha area which is mainly dedicated to cultural spaces such as libraries and museums, as well as public parks.

This bridge was designed in order to address the need to improve access for pedestrians between the two parks, which are divided by major highways.

The bridge crosses Modarres Highway, one of the main highways of the city, and connects Ab o Atash Park on the west to Taleghani Park on the east.

The intention was to design a pedestrian route that was completely separate from the highway. The 270 meters long bridge is the largest pedestrian bridge built so far in Iran.

This bridge is a space intended to be a place to linger rather than just one to pass through, and to act as an extension of the parks, so seating areas and green spaces on all parts of the bridge has been considered, as well as a coffee shop and restaurant on the two sides of the lower level, to have enough means to keep the users slow down and stay on the bridge.