.Tabiat Bridge was quickly socially successful in becoming a public urban space

In a city similar to Tehran, which is planned with the focus on cars and the movement of horses, this bridge beyond one of the main highways of the city, with a respectful approach to pedestrians, offers a clear and understandable message to the audience.

This bridge has been designed and executed with quality and precision that due to its height control, people can stand on it and watch their city and Alborz mountains.

The spatial complexities of the bridge caused by ramps and continuous connections, as well as the views that different floors have on each other, allow people to discover the spaces of the bridge and experience it in a new way each time.

This freedom of choice makes people more and more involved with space and curious and interested in it.

In addition, built-in ramps allow people with disabilities, who are basically hard to get around in urban spaces, whether in a wheelchair or with their child’s stroller, etc., to make the bridge look like Let others experience and validate the universality of this space for all individuals, classes and social groups. Accordingly, it seems that the most important point about the success of this bridge is to address the issue of social justice.

The high reception and presence of citizens in this urban space well shows the understanding of the audience of urban spaces of the quality provided and respect for citizens, which in the role of this urban symbol in the mental image of individuals and consequently promotes their sense of belonging to the city. It has an undeniable effect.