All the three levels of the bridge are connected to each other by ramps and stairs. These ramps continuously connect the levels to each.

Shape of the structure and in order to make the ramps work properly, the continuous decks of the bridge also ended up with slight slopes adding. These ramps provide multiple paths throughout the bridge to get from each level to another and infinite ways to experience it as a whole, encouraging pedestrians to wander and get lost on this bridge.

The main level (the second level) of the bridge is the continuous deck that is on the same level with the parks, and is mainly dedicated to moving through the bridge. Where the plan widens on top of the columns there are opportunities for seating and green areas. Even though both “passing” and “staying” functions happen on this level, but the “passing” function is more dominant here.

The lower level, also a continuous deck, has entrances from both parks on their lower contour lines, and also by ramps from the main level. On this level there is a restaurant on one side and a coffee shop on the other. With relatively more number of benches on this level, here is more dedicated to the “staying” function, but there is also one path defined for passing.

The third level includes of only two ellipse shaped platforms that only exist on top of the columns where the truss is as its largest height.