The Tabiat Bridge is located at the intersection of the main highways of Tehran, including the Haqqani, Hemmat, Resalat and Modares highways. There are several routes to the Tabiat Bridge, but entering the bridge from the Water and Fire Park or the Taleghani Grand Park are the best options.

Route 1:

To reach the Tabiat Bridge from the Water and Fire Park, you must enter the park from the side passages on the east side of Africa Street, after crossing the intersection of Jahan Koodak and entering Didar South or jubin Street.

Route 2:

Taleghani Forest Park is another route that you can enter from the west to east route of Haqqani Highway or Haqqani Metro Station to Taleghani Park and then the Tabiat Bridge.

Metro access:

Haqqani Metro Station is close to the Tabiat Bridge and can be reached on foot within walking distance.

Access by bus:

Go to Seyed Khandan Bridge or Vanak Square or Resalat Square, then take the Vanak-Resalat line buses. From Vanak, you have to get off the bus at the last station, and from Resalat and Seyed Khandan, you have to get off the bus at the first station, or the water and fire station, and continue on foot.

By taxi:

Fortunately, you can easily get to the Tabiat Bridge by taxi from many areas of Tehran. One of the most important places that have taxis directly to the Nature Bridge is Resalat Square, Seyed Khandan, Vanak Square, and all taxis should be questioned for the destination of Haqqani Metro